A New Year, a New Blog

So I’ve decided to start a new personal blog. Passionate though I am about the Eternal City, I do in fact have a diverse range of other interests which I’d love to write about, but which Rachel’s Rome Writings is not suitable for. So this blog is where I will be writing about non-Rome-related interests, thoughts, travels, hobbies, book reviews and so on and so forth. I haven’t had time to do much with its appearance or optimisation at the moment, so it’s likely to evolve a bit in the near future.

I thought I’d start by sharing my goals for 2012. I know it’s February, but I’m afraid I’ve only just got round to setting up this blog despite having been meaning to for ages! I always ask people what their New Year’s Resolutions are, and most people tell me that they don’t bother to make them because they won’t stick to them. That’s exactly why I set myself goals for the year rather than making resolutions to stop bad habits or other such vague and optimistically virtuous sentiments. I have these on a chalk board in my kitchen so that I am continually reminded of them throughout the year. In no particular order (apart from the first one!):

1. Pass my driving test
This is my absolute number one priority for this year. I’ve already taken the test once, so statistically, my chances of passing second time are higher. I also have the massive incentive of a nightmare commute to spur me on to achieve this goal, but the fact that I absolutely love driving is half the battle won, I feel.

2. Become fully Google Analytics and AdWords qualified
As an SEO professional, it’s high time I gained these qualifications and I’m currently studying the Google Conversion University’s helpful series of videos. I’m not naturally a numbers kind of person, but I’m working hard to overcome this so that I can operate more effectively in a business environment without getting stressed!

3. Speak at some SEO events
Though I was fine giving presentations at university, and I’ve spent most of my life performing in orchestras and other music groups, I’ve never spoken in front of a large audience and it’s waaaay outside my comfort zone. So this is the year that I overcome that terrifying challenge and start becoming involved in this important side of the industry I work in, whilst developing my confidence in speaking in public.

4. Cook more new recipes
In 2011 I discovered that I love baking and am very good at it (so modest, too). I made loads of cakes, and this year I’m extending my culinary adventurousness to cooking in general. Luckily I have a willing guinea pig in the lovely Matt. My greatest discovery this year so far is how to make Thai green curry, which is so yummy but surprisingly easy to make.

5. Join a choir
I’ve been singing in choirs since the tender age of 15 and managed one when I was at uni. But I haven’t sung regularly since then, and when I finally get my driving licence I’ll be able to do so. I’ll be joining a choir in a neighbouring town later this year, beginning with Mozart’s Requiem – my all-time favourite piece of music, and one that I’ve performed with three different choirs over the years, and cannot wait to sing again!

6. Try and get back into gliding
At university I was at the gliding club every week, and was almost at the level where I could fly solo when I was struck down by illness and an even more massive workload than usual (my dissertation). Now that I’m a graduate I can’t really afford it, but the lovely Matt bought me a gliding lesson for Christmas which I intend to take when the weather is warmer (more thermals = longer flight). Gliding is the cheapest way of flying, and if it’s at all affordable then I will be looking to start going regularly again. One of my lifetime ambitions is to get a private pilot’s licence, and learning in a glider first is a much cheaper way of going about it.

So those are mine… what are yours?


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