Abel and Cole – old-fashioned, friendly service in the 21st century

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, organic fruit and veg company Abel and Cole are just so great. I cannot sing their praises enough, and I wanted to introduce them to those of you who haven’t yet discovered them!

As part of my healthy new lifestyle I now get a weekly box of fruit and veg from Abel and Cole and it’s totally worth the money. It encourages me to try stuff I wouldn’t normally buy and to eat way more healthily than I was. It also means you eat with the seasons – so rather than eating imported, insipid stuff all year round, like you get in the supermarket, you eat stuff that’s meant to be eaten for the time of year – and it tastes so much better.

This is what a box from them looks like. This is the 1-2 person box of mixed fruit and veg, and as you can see, apart from the tomatoes you don’t get all the unnecessary packaging that you do from a supermarket. You get different stuff each week but there are usually the staples like potatoes and carrots.

With each delivery you get recipe suggestions for inspiration, and you get loads of free stuff too! I’ve been with them a month and so far have received eggs and milk with my boxes as a surprise. It doesn’t even matter that I’m out at work – they just put the box in the back garden for me! Even better, they take away last week’s box for recycling! And you can tell them if there’s stuff you don’t like and they’ll substitute it for something else. You can also skip deliveries if you’ve still got plenty left from the week before.

Their customer service is second to none – when I had a query, I went on their website with a view to emailing them and found that they have live chat. It was nearly 10pm and there was a friendly person online to answer my questions! How great is that!

In this day of impersonal corporate giants, it’s such a refreshing change when you find gems like Abel and Cole who really know how to take care of their customers. It’s the 21st century equivalent of going into the village greengrocer. You rarely get service like that anymore and when you find it, you have to cling to it and make sure everybody knows about it!

Anyway, if you want to order your own box, mention my name when you order and you’ll get something free!