Things I liked about Geneva

Geneva - Jet d'Eau
I’ve just returned from my first visit to Geneva in Switzerland. I found it to be a very pleasant, leafy, civilised sort of place. Here are some things I liked about it during my short stay:

•    Restaurants that specialise in fondue
•    Stunning views of the lake, with loads of small sailing boats on the water and snow-capped mountains beyond
•    Seeing buses with the destination “CERN”
•    UN buildings – and other organisations dedicated to improving the world – are everywhere
•    The massive fountain in the lake, the Jet d’Eau
•    There are lots of trees
•    There are lots of nice parks, including one with loads of giant chess sets
•    The buses are punctual
•    There are lots of chocolate shops
•    The hotels give you free public transport vouchers, and there’s a machine at the airport that gives you a free ticket into town. Every city should have that!
•    There are lots of ex pats, but they’re intelligent ex pats (not the Tenerife/Costa del Sol variety)
•    It’s not crammed with tourists
•    The weather (at least when I was there) was neither too hot, nor too cold

Looking forward to my next visit already!