Why hire me?

This site is no longer updated. Visit my new website to find out more about me and my copywriting services.

Why hire a freelance copywriter?

Your copy is arguably the most important facet of creating your brand. So why take shortcuts with something that important? Hiring a good freelance copywriter doesn’t just save you time – it gives you access to a trained wordsmith, and that’s exactly what you need to create the best possible impression of your business.

Bonus:  hiring a freelance copywriter also works out much cheaper than hiring someone in-house. You only pay me when you have work that needs doing, and you don’t have to pay my pension, office space, sick pay or holiday pay!

Say goodbye to sloppy copy

As a copywriter, I’m experienced in taking on the voices of different businesses and putting across their messages clearly and concisely. I am noted for my adaptable writing style, and I’m used to the restrictions of brand guidelines when it comes to style and tone. I’ve written everything from blogs to press releases to website copy for a wide range of clients across numerous sectors, including travel, business, leisure, telecommunications, IT and education. My background in SEO also means that I can help your website gain more search engine visibility – my own successful Rome blog outranks Lonely Planet for competitive search terms in Google.

Here are some of my credentials:

  • MA degree from Oxford University
  • Diploma in Copywriting
  • Businesses I’ve written copy for include Miele, MORE TH>N, Nominet, Skyscanner, Holiday Lettings and Lancaster University
  • Google AdWords qualified
  • Three years’ SEO experience
  • I’ve never had a client unhappy with my work, and I’ve had some great testimonials

What I’ll guarantee:

  • Attention – I’ll take the time to get to know you and your business
  • Flawless English – no careless typos or grammatical errors
  • Always meet deadlines – so you won’t be worrying whether your copy will arrive in time
  • Thoughtfully researched pieces – I’ll put in the extra effort required to do a thorough job of background research
  • Nice to work with – if you’re local, I’d love to meet you for a coffee, and I can guarantee I’ll be a friendly feature of your inbox :)

Like what you’ve read and want to know more? Drop me a line and I’ll get straight back to you.